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WE ARE OPEN!     Just purchased a 20 Foot Container of 68-82 Parts.     



Suppling new Corvette Parts for 1953-1996 with a large inventory of used/OEM 68-82 Corvette Parts.

If you don't see a new or used part that you are looking for, please call or E-mail.

Type "SPECIAL" into the search bar to find Limited Time Website pricing!!!

We hope to help restore and keep your Corvette running one part at a time.
If you are looking for a certain used or new part:
You can email us at vettecollector@hotmail.com 
You can call us at 1-877-MY-VETTE

We have shipped Corvette Parts to: Italy, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Russia, Demark, Norway, Greece,

USA, Canada, Japan, Malta, Australia, Netherlands, Qatar, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom,

France, Lithuania, Germany, Puerto Rico, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand, Guam, Taiwan, Luxembourg,

Austria, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Belgium, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait, Indonesia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay

and Iceland.


About Us


We are a Canadian based company that specializes in original Corvette Parts as well as new products.

We ship world wide and have been doing so on Ebay since 2001.  Aquiring large lots of parts from all over North America.

My first Corvette was bought in January 1992 and was a red 1977 that I still have today.  I currently also drive a 1993 as

my daily driver when weather permits.  We hope to help restore and keep your Corvette running one part at a time.

If you are looking for a certain used or new part go to "CONTACT US" or call 1-877-MY-VETTE

Welcome to www.thevettecollector.com


                                                        CUSTOMER CORVETTE'S

JERRY'S 1982

STEVE'S 1980


Michael's 1984

Jarrod's 1981

Brett's 1969


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